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The Composition Of Industrial & Agricultural Tires And ATV

2022·01·12industrial & agricultural tires and ATV

  The composition of industrial & agricultural tires and ATV are mainly derived from rubber. Rubber is divided into natural rubber and synthetic rubber.

  Natural rubber is mainly derived from the Hevea tree, which is a flexible hydrocarbon isoprene polymer. However, more than 60% of rubber products in the world are artificially synthesized through the petrochemical industry. In the application of rubber, the usage of tires occupies a major position. About 60% of various natural and synthetic rubbers are used to produce tires.

  At present, the rubber used in vehicle tires mainly includes styrene-butadiene rubber (SBR), which is mixed with natural rubber to make treads; polybutadiene rubber (Poly Butadiene), which is mixed with styrene-butadiene rubber and natural rubber to make treads, is also It is mixed with natural rubber to make sidewalls to obtain better abrasion resistance and longer bending life; in addition, there is butyl rubber (Butyl), which is used to make inner tubes and inner liners.

  Silica is also one of the important components in industrial & agricultural tires and ATV tires. It replaces part of carbon black and is integrated into the tire tread. And under the premise of abrasion resistance, reduce rolling resistance.

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