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Important Information for Industrial , Agricultural Tires and ATV tires

2023·03·10industrial agricultural tires and ATV tires

  Industrial , agricultural tires and ATV tires are one of the most popular types of car tires. In the classification of tires, because of the different carcass structures, they can be divided into pneumatic tires and solid tires. This phenomenon also exists in industrial, agricultural tires and ATV tires .

  For pneumatic tires, it is important to divide them according to the level of air pressure in the tire, high pressure tires, low pressure tires and ultra-low pressure tires; at the same time, according to different composition structures, they are divided into two types: inner tube tires and tubeless tires.

  For solid tires, this type of tire is generally used under high load conditions, so there are high requirements for the pressure resistance and wear resistance of the tire.

  Pneumatic tires are used in most vehicles, while solid tires are mainly suitable for special engineering vehicles such as anti-riot vehicles, armored vehicles, and anti-terrorist vehicles.

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