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What is the Difference Between Industrial, Agricultural tires, ATV and Regular tires?

2023·06·09industrial agricultural tires ATV

  When it comes to the use of industrial and agricultural tires and ATV, the proportion of various types of tires is very large. Its use is different from common tires for small cars, but is more common in large trucks or agricultural vehicles.

  For tires, there are many types, and according to their application channels, they can be divided into automotive tires, agricultural and forestry tires, engineering machinery tires, off-road tires, aviation tires, and motorcycle tires, among which agricultural tires are also divided into tractor tires and agricultural machinery tires. According to commonality, it can be divided into ordinary tires and special tires.

  The classification methods of tires are different, mainly due to the different requirements in the application field. It can also be seen that the main difference between industrial and agricultural tires, as well as between ATV and ordinary tires, lies in the differences in use; Industrial and agricultural tires and ATV are tires for specific purposes, while ordinary tires are generally referred to, and the definitions between the two are different; During the process of use, ordinary tires have a wider range of applications.

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