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What are the Common Methods of Repairing Industrial Agricultural Tires ATV Leaks?

2023·01·11industrial agricultural tires ATV

  The industrial and agricultural tires and ATV are the parts that directly contact the vehicle and the ground, and are one of the important factors to ensure safe driving. Once the industrial and agricultural tires and ATV have problems, they should be handled in a timely manner. For example, when air leakage occurs, they need to be repaired. In general, what are the common repair methods for industrial and agricultural tires and ATV?

  1、 Rubber strip tire repair. This method is simple to operate, but it is easy to leak gas in the later period, so the proportion used now is becoming less and less.

  2、 Film tire repair.Most people use film tire repair because it is cheap, but film tire repair can only prevent air leakage. Thesafety of the damaged tire will be reduced, and the steel wire in the tire will be oxidized over a long period of time, leading to the gradual expansion of the damaged part.

  3、 Mushroom nail tire repair. Mushroom nail is now a very safe method of tire repair. Mushroom nails can fully prevent air escape, and can fully fill the damaged parts, so that the tire safety factor will no longer drop!

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