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Learn to see the production date of industrial&agricultural tire and ATV tire

2021·02·19industrial&agricultural tire and ATV tire

  The use of tire and the length of the production date has a deep connection, so whether it is to buy a new car, or used car, or directly buy industrial&agricultural tires and ATV tire, we need to pay attention to the length of the production date.

  1.When buying a new car, you can see the production date and the production date of the vehicle on the tires. Generally speaking, it is not the late adjustment car to keep it within half a year.

  2.In the process of replacing tires, we should pay more attention to the production date and time.

  3.When buying second-hand cars, we should also pay attention to the production date of tires, so that we can evaluate the price of the car and the cost of maintenance in the later period and ensure our own rights and interests.

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