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What are the Differences Between Industrial, Agricultural ATV Tyres and Ordinary Tyres?

2023·03·15industrial, agricultural and ATV tyres

  Speaking of tyres, the first thing people will think of is cars. Tyres are important components to ensure the driving of cars, and also important factors to affect driving safety. In terms of tyres, there are many types, such as industrial and agricultural tyres and ATV derived from different application fields.

  There are great differences between industrial and agricultural tyres, ATV and ordinary automobile tyres. The main differences are:

  1. Different appearance. Industrial and agricultural tyres and ATV tyres have rough tread patterns with large spacing. Ordinary tires have fine tread and small tread spacing.

  2. Different performance. Industrial and agricultural tyres and ATV tyres are large and thick, and are not easy to be punctured by sharp objects. Ordinary tires have small tires, which can cushion the impact of vehicle driving and maintain the stability and smoothness of vehicle driving.

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