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Basic Information on Purchasing Industrial, Agricultural and ATV Tires

2023·03·13industrial agricultural and ATV tires

  Tires are an important part of vehicle running, and only vehicles with tires installed can run normally, so once there is a problem with industrial, agricultural and ATV tires, it will bring big problems to the vehicle.

  When the industrial, agricultural and ATV tires of the vehicle itself have been used for a long time and need to be replaced, the following points should be noted when selecting industrial, agricultural and ATV tires:

  1. Priority is given to original tires. The original factory tires are fully compatible with the speed of the car and the load of the car, so in theory, it should be given priority when replacing tires.

  2. Pay attention to the tire pattern. Industrial, agricultural and ATV tire patterns also have a great impact on performance.

  3. Pay attention to distinguish retreaded tires. The industrial, agricultural and ATV tires sold by some manufacturers are retreaded tires, so customers must pay more attention when purchasing.

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