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How to Deal With Sidewall Damage of Industrial, Agricultural and ATV Tires?

2022·08·04industrial agricultural and ATV tires

  Industrial and agricultural and ATV tires are the main part of the vehicle in contact with the ground. Friction, road bumps, collisions, etc. will cause damage to them. Under the gradual accumulation, industrial, agricultural and ATV tires also need to be replaced. Among the damaged parts of industrial and agricultural and ATV tires, the sidewall is one of the common parts, so how to properly deal with the damage of this part?

  Regarding the sidewall damage of industrial, agricultural and ATV tires, the main reason is generally that the tire sidewall accidentally touches a sharp object during driving. Or hitting a curb; insufficient inflation pressure; potholes; sharp objects; overloaded tires; aging tires, etc. So when such a phenomenon occurs, if you continue to use it, is it okay?

  It is unsafe to drive if you continue to use it after the sidewall of industrial, agricultural and ATV tires is damaged. The tire sidewall is much more sensitive than the tread area. In many cases, damage can damage the entire structure of the tire and can cause the tire to burst at any time.

  However, industrial, agricultural and ATV tire sidewall damage also depends on the level of scratches or damage. If the scratches are small and very shallow, and there is no deep and skeleton material, you can continue to use them for a period of time, but you should continue to pay attention to the development and changes of the damaged parts. Once more damage occurs, it needs to be replaced in time.

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