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How to Check the Tire Pressure of Industrial, Agricultural and ATV Tires?

2022·08·01industrial, agricultural and ATV tires

  In the process of driving a car, industrial and agricultural and ATV tires play a particularly important part, and every content of industrial and agricultural and ATV tires determines people's health and stability. For industrial and agricultural and ATV tires, the stability of tire pressure is very important, so daily inspection of tire pressure work is also very necessary!

  For industrial and agricultural and ATV tires, the standard of tire pressure will be clearly marked when they leave the factory. During the process of use, users can keep the tire pressure within a certain range to meet the needs of use. Pressure checks also need to be performed frequently.

  1. Use the tire pressure monitoring system equipped with the vehicle. This method is very simple and intuitive, no human operation is required, and the vehicle is automatically monitored. However, the vehicle is required to be equipped with the configuration of tire pressure monitoring.

  2. Use a tire pressure gauge. Users can buy a tire pressure gauge to put in the car and check the tire pressure frequently.

  Note: The tire pressure should be checked after the vehicle has been parked for one hour. After the vehicle is driven, the tire temperature will rise, which will cause the detected tire pressure to be inaccurate.

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