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When Small Fine Lines Appear on the Side of Industrial & Agricultural and ATV Tires

2022·06·01industrial & agricultural and ATV tires

  The use environment of industrial & agricultural and ATVtires is often in some roads with poor road conditions. It is precisely because of this reason that for industrial & agricultural and ATVtires, the various "hardships" they have suffered are even greater. It will also easily bring wear and tear to industrial & agricultural and ATVtires, resulting in premature reduction of service life.

  For industrial & agricultural and ATVtires, there are some small fine lines on the side, which also means aging. If these small fine lines appear when the tires are relatively new, they can still be used, but if there are too many If the small fine lines appear, whether it is new or not, it means that the industrial & agricultural and ATVtires need to be repaired or replaced directly.

  The use of industrial & agricultural and ATVtires is related to the safety of people's lives. This is an important issue that cannot be ignored. Therefore, do not underestimate the existence of these small fine lines. In many cases, these inconspicuous small fine lines will cause tire blowouts possibility!

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