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What does "eating tires" mean in industrial, agricultural and ATV tires?

2022·04·22industrial, agricultural and ATV tires

  In the use of industry, agriculture and ATV tires, some old drivers often talk about the problem of "eating tires", so what is the meaning behind eating tires on this issue?

  Speaking of the tire eating problem in industrial, agricultural and ATV tires, it mainly refers to the abnormal accelerated wear on the inside and outside of one or more tires than a certain part of a certain tire of other tires. At that time, it can be seen that other tires under the pattern or other parts of the same tire are deeply deep, causing eccentric wear and causing the industrial, agricultural and ATV tires to be scrapped.

  So for industrial and agricultural and ATV tires, why does the phenomenon of eating tires appear?

  1. Inaccurate four-wheel alignment

  As a result, the four tires are not on the horizontal and vertical lines required by the standard, so the two wheels on the same side will eat tires when they run.

  2. Inaccurate toe-in adjustment will also cause tire eating.

  3. The failure of the steering machine will also cause tire eating, deviation, etc.

  4. The beam is not flat, and the out of shape will also cause the tire to be eaten.

  5. If the air pressure of each tire is too different, it will eat the tire.

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