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Is it necessary to do the four-wheel alignment and dynamic balance of industrial, agricultural and ATV tires at the same time?

2021·08·26industrial agricultural and ATV tires

  Many people have some knowledge about the four-wheel positioning and dynamic balance of industry, agriculture and ATV tires, but what many people don't know is whether these two can be done together?

  To understand the connection between the two, you first need to understand the two. For example, what is dynamic balance? What is four-wheel alignment?

  Due to reasons such as manufacturing, wear, tire repair, etc., the mass distribution of each part of the wheel cannot be completely uniform. In this way, when the wheels are running at a high speed, the vehicle body shakes and the steering wheel shakes. In order to avoid this situation, it is necessary to correct the balance of the wheels by increasing the counterweight, which is the dynamic balance. The four-wheel alignment is to adjust the related installation angle parameters of the wheels and steering, suspension, shock absorption, etc. (kingpin inclination angle, kingpin caster angle, front/rear wheel toe angle, front/rear camber angle, etc.) to achieve Restore the driving stability of the vehicle.

  From these aspects, we can understand that dynamic balance and four-wheel alignment are important factors to ensure vehicle safety, stability, and vehicle durability. Dynamic balance is to adjust the balance of the tires. As long as the wheels are removed, whether it is for labor or agriculture As well as ATV tires or repairs, dynamic balance must be done; four-wheel alignment is the adjustment of suspension parameters, which is a maintenance item that needs to be done when the vehicle has deviation, flutter, industry and agriculture, and ATV tires are eccentrically worn.

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