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What cracks appear indicate that industrial, agricultural and ATV tires need to be replaced

2021·06·03industrial agricultural and ATV tires

  1. Tread wear is close to the wear mark

  Any brand of industrial, agricultural and ATV tires are equipped with a wear mark at the bottom of the tread groove, also known as the "warning line". The tread wear is close to the "warning line" and needs to be replaced.

  2. Damaged tires such as cracks or bulges

  Damages to industrial, agricultural and ATV tires include cracks in the tread, bulging of the tread, missing tread rubber, severe sidewall wear, and tires that have been pierced by foreign bodies many times. Especially the bulge, the tire is in danger of bursting at any time. As long as the tires are found to be damaged, the car owner should go to a professional tire shop to check the tires as soon as possible and replace them in time.

  Third, the tire life time

  Industrial and agricultural tires and ATV tires have a service life limit. If they exceed the service life limit, they will begin to age. The main manifestation is surface hardening, followed by tortoise cracks and loss of elasticity. If they continue to be used, the tread will be deformed and there is a risk of tire blowout. It is recommended that the tires be replaced in time in this case.

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