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To Understand Industrial, Agricultural ATV tires, You Need to Know its Structure!

2023·01·04industrial agricultural ATV tires

Industrial, agricultural ATV tires are an important part of vehicles an important basic condition to ensure people's safe driving. Therefore, for the use of industrial, agricultural ATV tires, attention should be paid to avoiding bad car habits. At the same time, for industrial, agricultural ATV tires You should also have a corresponding understanding of some basic structural knowledge.

For the structural composition of industrial, agricultural ATV tires, it can be roughly divided into tread, tire width, sidewall, cushion belt, carcass steel ring.

1. The tread is the part that is in direct contact with the ground, its function is to convey the driving force braking force of the vehicle.

2. The tire width is the very thick part of the tire. Its function is to dissipate the heat generated by the tire during walking.

3. The sidewall is a very fragile part of the tire, but its function is also relatively large, that is, to ease the impact improve the comfort performance, which is equivalent to the function of shock absorption.

4. The cushion belt is located between the tire tread the carcass. It is something that reduces the impact of the road surface reinforces the strength of the tire.

5. The carcass is the main part of the tire. It has a padded layer inside. The steel wire of the radial tire is also in this. It is the skeleton of the tire. Its function is to bear the air pressure, load impact inside the tire, so the carcass strength is very important.

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