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Qihang Tire teaches you 5 ways to identify true and false ATV tires

2021·06·10identify true and false ATV tires

  Observe the lanugo:

  There will be many hairs on the surface of the new ATV tires. These hairs will disappear after driving about 5-10 kilometers. If it is a counterfeit fake tire, it cannot be faked. If a tire is found and there is no hair, then it can be determined that it is a fake tire.


  The original ATV tires are affixed with Chinese color labels or Chinese black labels, but the fake tires are not affixed. And it is necessary to check whether the label has been changed or damaged.


  The elasticity of genuine original new ATV tire rubber is usually better. You can use the key to gently scratch the surface of the tire to see if the scratched parts can quickly restore their original appearance. Generally, the rubber of retreaded tires will not have such good elasticity and will leave marks.

  Barcode and shelf life:

  The original ATV tires have a barcode. The production date of the tire is usually marked on the side of the tire. The first two digits of the four numbers represent the day of the week, and the last two digits represent the year of production. If the tire is stored for too long, it will also affect its performance.

  Observe the tire color pattern:

  The pattern will vary in depth, width, and thickness, and asymmetric patterns are all retreaded tires (one thing to note here is that some tire patterns are intentionally designed to be asymmetrical, and this should be ruled out) . In terms of color, the tread of the new ATV tire emits blue light with natural corners. The retreaded tire is brighter, and the retreaded tire may have fingerprints because it has a layer of wax.

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