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Damage and repair work of forklift tires

2020·01·02forklift tires

  There are two kind of fork lift tires, they are solid tires and pneumatic tires, and when these two type tires are damaged, what repair work are there?

  In the use of fork lift tires, if the tire has cracks, holes, bumps or separation, it needs to be repaired in time; If it is too serious, it needs to be replaced.

  In the case of small holes in the inner tube, hot or cold repair can be used to repair it.

  Hot repair: The hot repair method is to roughen the file around the damaged area, then use the fire repair adhesive to paste the damaged area, and make the hole just in the center of the repair. And then put the repair clip on the normal fire repair glue,tighten the screw tightly and then ignite the heating agent on the fire patch. After 10-15 minutes, it can be paste tightly.

  Cold repair: Rough the area around the tube break, apply raw glue, and apply a second glue after the glue surface is slightly dry. When the glue is air-dried, attach the prepared raw rubber to the break, apply pressure and heat 140-145 ℃, hold for 10-20 minutes to vulcanize the raw rubber. After cooling, you can stick tightly.

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