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Tire pressure of forklift tires

2019·12·26forklift tires

  People who always deal with forklifts usually familiar with that a lot.But when it comes to forklift tires,that’s an important area which most people usual ignore.

  The general inflation pressure of forklift rear wheel and front wheel is 810KPA.There are following reasons to set like this.

  It will have bad influence on the use of forklift tires not matter the inflation pressure is too high or too low.When the inflation pressure is too high,it will reduce the comfort while riding and shorten the working life,meanwhile,it will affect the normal working of other parts.When the inflation pressure is too low,it will increase the friction with road and affect the working life for forklift tires too.

  There is also great relationship between forklift tires pressure and load capacity.Expect the forklift own capacity,the load capacity of a forklift has a great relationship with the inflation pressure.When the inflation pressure is high,the load capacity is high accordingly, .When the inflation pressure is low,the load capacity is low accordingly too.

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