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Why forklift tires choose to use solid tires?

2019·12·26forklift tires

  In the current selection of forklift tires, more and more manufacturers will choose to use solid tires. So what are the reasons for this phenomenon?

  The reason why forklift choose to use solid tires, it is mainly because solid tires have many advantages.For example, regarding loading, solid tires can bear more, while solid tires can also reduce the contact area of forklift tires and the ground,increasingForklift'sflexibility and improving work efficiency.In addition, it will not happen broken tires and flat tires.In terms of shock absorption, solid forklift tires performance will be better, even driving in the worseroad it also has better advantages.

  Solid tires have better heat dissipation, abrasion resistance and stability, which can prolong the service life of forklift tires. At the same time, the solid tires of are all made of rubber, which can ensure the puncture resistance of forklift tires ,It eliminates the hidden danger of tire puncture during forklift tires working.

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