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How to tell if a forklift tire needs to be replaced

2020·01·16forklift tire

  After a long period of using, forklift tires will inevitably appear aging. Once such thing start to happen, it also means that the forklift tires need to be replaced. So how to judge such aging phenomena? When does the forklift tire need to be replaced?

  1. The aging phenomenon of forklift tires can be checked from the groove bottom of the tread or the small cracks appearing in the tire sidewall. Once this happens, the forklift tires need to be replaced in time.

  2. When the depth of the groove remaining in the pattern of the forklift tire reaches or is less than 1.6 mm, it also means that the forklift tire needs to be replaced, because the drainage capacity of the tire at this time has also been greatly reduced. It is also dangerous to drive in this environment.

  3. In addition to the two points above, damaged forklift tire also need to be replaced, such as tires that run out of air and rolled, or forklift tires that have been bulging, and need to be replaced.

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