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Can the sidewall of the forklift tire be repaired after scratch?

2020·01·02forklift tire

  During the use of forklift tires, some damage will occurinevitably. If the sidewall is scratched, can it be repaired and continued to be used?

  It is inevitable to be scratched,Once it happens, people will feel very terrible.But if it is only a small damage but the tires will be discarded directly, It also seems too extravagant and wasteful.So when the forklift tire is scratched, can it continue to be repaired?

  If there is no air leak in the forklift tires, only the rubber in the shallow layer is missing or cracked,In this case, it can still be repaired. Generally, hot repair can be used to repair it. If it is broken or bubble occurs directly, repairing work cannot be carried out, because this phenomenon already indicates that the forklift tires have come to an end and no longer be used.

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