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Quality Is the Life of AnEnterprise

2018·11·30tire manufactuer

  The word "quality" is no stranger to all of us, good or bad “quality” is linked with us closely. The term quality has become one of the increasingly high frequency words in now today's society. Such as the quality of the products, quality of work, quality of life and quality of service we are familiar with.And all that is ultimately to improve our quality of life.

  Qihangcorporation has a slogan”QihangTyre, Sail the World”, we can see the company to give great expectations of quality. Sailing the world is to rely on the quality of stability. Tires carry lives,market is the only criterion for testing tire quality; Gold Cup or Silver Cup is not as good as the customer's reputation. The importance of quality to an enterprise is self-evident. Any brand, famous brand, if wants to get everyone's favor, the most fundamental is depends on the quality.Good, excellent, stable quality is the cornerstone of a product. Any of the negligence and contempt in a link will have different degrees of impact to overall quality of the enterprise.

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