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Replacement work of fork lift tire

2020·01·09fork lift tires

  After the forklift tires have been used for a certain period of time, aging will also occur, or some serious damages will need to be replaced. So what is the work required when the forklift tires are replaced?

  1. When unloading a forklift tire, first make sure that the unloaded forklift tire is fully deflated.

  2. If you are replacing solid tires, you need to use a 4-wheel assembly. First remove the tire ring from the side ring or the lock ring, and then insert the tire tool between the wheel ring and the side ring. The wheel is detached from the rim. After the above work is completed, the wheel can be removed and the inner tube and valve can be detached. It is important to connect the tire tool to the rest of the wheel. If the tool slides, it may cause an accident.

  Install: First insert the inner tube into the tire, then install the rim to ensure that the inner tube is inside the rim; pay attention to the air inthe tire, pull out the valve to ensure that the air is completely released; remove the nut on the wheel, remove the wheel . Be careful not to damage the nuts. The wheels and tires are heavy.

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