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Precautions for cleaning ATV tires

2021·06·10cleaning ATV tires

  When washing ATV tires, a brush with a long handle is usually prepared so that it can be washed thoroughly. When washing the front wheel, if you can roll the steering wheel left and right, it will be easier to clean everything. If the tires are not too dirty, you can wash them with general cleaners without having to spend money to buy special cleaners. Unless there is really too much dirt, it may cost a little money.

  In addition, washing ATV tires cannot be done only with a brush. Of course, the brush must be used, but it cannot be used on the chrome-plated mirror-treated rim, which will leave obvious scars. The general principle is-use a sponge when washing large parts, and use a brush when washing small parts. Both sides of the tire can be brushed vigorously with a brush. As for some less obvious places, you can use detergent and brush to brush vigorously when cleaning.

  It is necessary to pay attention to the things used to wash these parts when washing ATV tires, and do not use them together with other parts. Because this part is very dirty, there may be some dust or small sand left on the thing, and when you are in other parts, it may cause damage. If you really want to use things together, you must at least do some proper treatment first.

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