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he relationship of industrial tyre&agricultural tyre&ATV tyre and tyre pressure

2019·10·31tire manufactuer

  For every car, the tire is the foot of the car, bearing the weight of the whole body, and it is also the only part of the car that touches the ground, especially for industrial and agricultural and ATV tyre.

  The tyre looks a lot smaller than the car, but it can rely on the tyre to support several tons or even dozens of tons of vehicles, and can have such an effect, the tyre pressure has a myriad of relations. If there is no tyre pressure, then all is impossible.

  Supporting vehicle, is dependent on the internal gas to keep the support and cushioning, once were lost of tire air, so the ability of tyres can carry also disappear into zero, so the more air of tyres, also represents the greater the pressure, and the greater the pressure, are able to carry more weight, but it is important to note that not too little tire pressure, tire pressure is too large and not normal.The tyre pressure should be maintained on a normal data, only in such a control, to ensure the normal driving of the vehicle, and will not occur tyre blowout phenomenon.

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