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Common Troubles of Industrial Agricultural and ATV tires

2019·09·26tire manufactuer

  When using tires, even industrial and agricultural tires and ATV tires will inevitably have some faults, and what are the common faults on tires like this? Here are some common troubles of industrial, agricultural and ATV tires.

  1. Hole-piercing. When a vehicle is driving on the road, it is inevitable that some sharp objects will cause damage to industrial, agricultural and ATV tires, and in some cases, even cause the phenomenon of holes in tires.

  2. Drumbag. When the car passes through some pits or obstacles at high speed, the industrial, agricultural and ATV tires will be deformed under the huge impact force, which will cause the internal pressure to increase instantaneously, resulting in the phenomenon of tire bulging.

  3. Stones. Some car owners will often hear their vehicles in the form of sound, but when driving up, there will be heard, and in such cases, it is generally because there are some small stones stuck in the tire seam.

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