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In hot summer, pay attention to avoid bursting of your industrial ,agricultural and ATV tires

2019·07·25tire manufactuer

  In summer season, the temperature gradually increase, tire burst phenomenon also appears in the road; because of the rising temperature , The burst accident of the tire is a frequent period, even the industrial , agricultural and ATV tires also can’t avoid such thing.

  Too high temperature in summer will cause the pavement temperature gradually raise, and also the temperature of the tire surface will become hot with the friction between tire and road. As in the summer season heat dissipation is very slow. under the condition of expansion and Contraction, the tire body swells and becomes thin, will naturally prone to appear the phenomenon of blowout.

  There are two main reasons for over high temperature for industrial, agricultural and ATV tires.

  1. Industrial , agricultural and ATV tires expand themselves and become poor in compression resistance.

  2. The air in the industrial , agricultural and ATV tires expands, will lead to internal pressure of the tires increase to move forward a single step.

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