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Extend the service life of industry , agriculture and ATV tires , how should we do?

2019·08·01tire manufactuer

  Industrial , agricultural and ATV tires are widely used in vehicles, and their quality can adapt to many different roads. However, even with such characteristics, more maintenance is needed to extend their service life when using industrial , agricultural and ATV tires.

  1. Change the position of industrial , agricultural and ATV tires regularly

  As in the process of running vehicle, the wear degree of each tire will have a big difference, so it is necessary to change the position of the tire regularly, then each tire can maintain uniform wear degree and extend the life of the tire.

  2. Keep industrial , agricultural and ATV tires cleaning

  When vehicle is driving in ordinary times, hard to avoid meeting some more rugged road, it will have a lot of foreign body attached above the tire, once appears such circumstance, the owner need to clean the foreign body in time , then it can avoid the unnecessary damage which caused by these foreign bodies above the tire; If encounter some iron nails and other sharp foreign bodies when inspect the tire, it need to go to the repair shop to clean up.

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