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How to prevent industrial, agricultural and ATV tires from catching fire

2019·08·22tire manufactuer

  Industrial, agricultural and ATV tires will be prone to fire in the hot weather after a long time driving, then how can we avoid such dangerous things happen?

  1.Regular inspection of industrial agricultural and ATV tires

  Most of the vehicles will be prone to aging or rubber aging after a few years of use, and such things will cause short circuit and heat. In summer, the temperature will be prone to fire. Therefore, it is necessary to check the vehicle regularly to avoid the possibility of a dangerous accident.

  2.Do not put the flammable and explosive items in the vehicle

  Do not place heat-expanded items such as lighters and insecticides in the vehicle.

  3.Do not modify the vehicle

  Vehicle modification can easily cause problems with circuit circuits inside the vehicle, so do not modify the vehicle.

  4.Keep the water tank full

  In summer driving, it is necessary to ensure sufficient water storage in the water tank of the vehicle to ensure that the brake water is not lacking. When the brake is applied, the tire can be cooled at any time to prevent the industrial, agricultural and ATV tires from operating at high temperatures.

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