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Industrial Agricultural and ATV tires Daily Notices

2019·09·26tire manufactuer

  People who often use industrial, agricultural and ATV tires need to pay attention to the maintenance of industrial, agricultural and ATV tires in daily use, so as to be able to use them longer and avoid accidents.

  1. Develop the habit of checking tires and hub screw before boarding, and check wheels regularly for deformation.

  2. In the process of driving, we should pay attention to the habit of observing and listening to the driving voice. Once we find any abnormal noise, we need to check it in time.

  3. Check the spare tires and hub screw regularly, and deal with the problems in time without delay.

  4. If the front and rear wheels are exchanged in the maintenance plant, it is necessary to carefully check whether the screw of the tire is tightened or not, and regularly tighten the screw in daily use to prevent the screw from falling.

  If the vehicle often travels on bad road surface, we should pay attention to checking industrial and agricultural tires and ATV whether there is damage to prevent tires from breaking down and accidents.

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