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The effect of tire width regarding industrial, agricultural and ATV tires

2019·08·15tire manufactuer

  When buying a vehicle, I don’t know if everyone will observe the width of the tire?

  The width of the tire is an important basis for judging the performance of the vehicle, especially for industrial, agricultural and ATV tires. How does the width of the tire affect the vehicle?

  1. Wide tire

  Generally the wide tires such as industrial, agricultural and ATV tires, have stronger grip and better lateral force. Therefore, it is helpful for stability when the vehicle is running. It will be more stable and flexible when turning and braking.

  However, the contact area between the tire and the ground is increased, so the friction is increased, and the resistance generated is naturally greater. It will result in higher fuel consumption.

  2. Narrow tires

  Compared with wide industrial, agricultural and ATV tires, the advantage of narrow tires is to reduce fuel consumption and save money, housework will be lighter when driving, but the contact area between narrow tires and the ground is reduced, and the grip is not so strong, the brake performance will also be reduced.

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