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Common reason of the phenomenon of “eat tires” in industrial, agricultural and ATV tires

2019·08·15tire manufactuer

  What does the phenomenon of "eat tires" meaning? Presumably, many people will not understand it; in fact, it is very common to eat tires in tires, and it can be seen in industrial, agricultural and ATV tires. When the tire and the road surface are rubbed, if it is affected by some factors, it is likely that unreasonable wear will occur, which is interpreted as eating the tire.

  There are many different opinions about the phenomenon of eating tires. Some say that it is because of the dynamic balance of the vehicle. Some think that it is because the four-wheel positioning is not done well. Some people say that it is because the steel ring or the rotating shaft is deformed. There has never been an accurate statement. So today we will explain what is the common cause of eating tires in industrial,agricultural and ATV tires. What are the common reasons?

  1. When the left and right wheelbases of the car are not equal, the wear of the tire will be intensified, and the phenomenon of eating the tire will occur. The wear of the left and right steering wheels caused will have a common feature, that is, In the circumferential direction of the tread on the outside of the tire, continuous and uniform wear occurs, and each pattern is ground into a zigzag shape, each having a relief angle.

  2. The change of the wheel positioning angle caused by the overload will also cause the phenomenon of eating the tire. The wheel camber can offset the deformation of the front axle when the car is fully loaded and reduce the load on the outer hub bearing. The wheel camber angle of a truck is generally around 1°. The wheel camber angle is too large and the outer shoulder of the steering wheel is severely worn. The negative camber angle of the wheel is too large, and the inner shoulder of the steering wheel is seriously worn.

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