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In the post-epidemic era, the supply and demand of industry, agriculture and ATV tires are booming

2021·06·03agriculture and ATV tires

  The epidemic has completely suffocated the market. With the release of the US dollar in 2021, the enthusiasm for global economic development has been completely ignited. Industrial, agricultural and ATV tire manufacturers are unanimously optimistic that this year's market will be an explosive year, and they are ready to do a big job this year to sweep away the depression and haze of 2020.

  The only thing a tire factory has to do to increase its horsepower is to produce. Only sufficient production capacity can meet the market demand. This directly leads to the unprecedented high investment enthusiasm of tire companies in the first quarter of 2021. Compared with the cost reduction in 2020 and the tight funding, the industrial, agricultural and ATV tire companies in 2021 are more like sharks smelling blood, desperately wanting to feast on them.

  Benefiting from the continuous growth of the commercial vehicle market, the global industrial, agricultural and ATV tire markets are also growing by leaps and bounds. Many domestic tire companies do not worry about sales of tires at all. In 2020, many tire factories are in short supply. In 2021, the imbalance between supply and demand is likely to increase, and price increases will become inevitable.

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