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What are the Advantages of Agricultural Tyres?

2023·10·27agricultural tyres

The main advantages of agricultural tyres are following:

1、Long service life.Due to the large material cost of agricultural tyres,the weight of a single tyre is about 30 percent heavier than that of bias-ply tyres,which makes the agricultural tyres more wear-resistant and have a longer service life.

2、Low fuel consumption.Agricultural tyres carcass structure is reasonable,rigidity and elasticity fit appropriately,so the rolling resistance is small and have low fuel consumption.

3、Large bearing capacity.Agricultural tyres carcass have good elasticity and flexibility so that they can absorb better and buffer the vibration and impact from the road surface,but also to protect auto parts from damage,prolong the service life of the car.

Strong puncture resistant.Agricultural tricycle tires are made of all-rubber, which ensures that the tires are resistant to puncture and fundamentally eliminates the hidden danger of puncturing the tires in the process of carrying the vehicle as well as in the harsh working environment.

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