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Classification of Agricultural Tyre Patterns

2024·02·02agricultural tyre

Agricultural tyre patterns can be mainly divided into the following categories:

1.Longitudinal pattern: according to the circumference of the tyre pattern, there are usually several, the main purpose of this pattern design is to provide good traction, so that the tractor can have a better grip on the muddy or slippery ground.

2.Horizontal pattern: compared with the longitudinal pattern, this type is vertically disconnected and horizontally continuous. The design makes the tyre have a large lateral stiffness, good friction and braking effect, and this pattern of tyres is widely used in professional fields, such as some agricultural machinery, such as harvesters, tractors and so on.

3.Block pattern tyres: widely used in off-road vehicles, divided into three types: road tyres, all-terrain tyres and mud tyres.

4.Single guide pattern groove: connected to each other, with strong road performance and drainage capacity, the tyre has a fixed rolling direction.

5.Mixed pattern: The longitudinal pattern that can drain quickly in the middle and the lateral pattern that provides grip on the shoulder are combined to create a perfect situation, thus forming a mixed pattern. At present, this hybrid tyre is widely used in most vehicles such as cars, buses and trucks.

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