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What are the Requirements for the Use of Agricultural Tyres?

2024·01·19agricultural tyre

The requirements for the use of agricultural tyres mainly include the following:

1. The correct choice of tyres: according to the model and use of agricultural machinery, choose tyres that meet the specifications to ensure the matching degree of tyres and vehicles.

2.Pay attention to tyre inflation: the tyre should be inflated according to the internal pressure indicated on the tyre side in use, and the compressed air is required to be free of water and oil. After inflation, check whether the valve is leaking. If abnormal wear is found in use, measures should be taken in time to find out the cause.

3.Avoid sudden braking, sharp turns: When the tractor is working in the field, it should not be too fast to start, turn and brake to prevent the wheels from slipping or causing unnecessary wear to the tyres. At the same time, do not drive at high speed on the road surface with more uneven and sharp objects to avoid excessive impact on the tyre.

4.Pay attention to the load: When the tractor is operating, the load should be distributed on each wheel as far as possible to avoid overload. At the same time, the load of cargo shall not exceed the load of the vehicle.

5.Regular inspection and maintenance: to check the air pressure frequently, if less than the standard 0.2 kg force/square centimeter should be inflated. Remove stones, nails and other objects punctured into the tyre in time, and repair the damage and small damage that have been found to endanger the performance of the tyre in time.

6.Avoid contact with corrosive substances: tyres should avoid contact with fuel, lubricating oil and chemical corrosion drugs to prevent corrosion damage to tyres. If stained, rinse and wipe with water in time.

7.To prevent long-term exposure or long-term parking of tyres: long-term parking or storage of tractors, it is necessary to use jacks and other things to support the tyres, so as to avoid long-term pressure and damage to the tyres. But don't let the air out of the tyres, and protect them from the sun.

8.Different brands, sizes, layers, cord type, pattern of tyres can not be mixed: on the same locomotive, should be assembly factory brand, size, layer, cord type, pattern of the same tyre.

9.Paddy field high-pattern tyres can not be used for transportation operations: the tractor with paddy field high-flower tyres, prohibited for transportation operations. When the pattern is worn away by about 2/3, it can be used for transportation tyres.

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