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Long-slope continuous braking will cause industrial ties, agricultural tires and ATV tires puncture?

2019·07·25tire manufactuer

  When the vehicle is driving on a downhill road, if the brakes have been used continuously, it is likely that the industrial and agricultural tires and the ATV tires will explode?

  According to industry insiders, when the vehicle uses the brakes continuously on the downhill section, the brake drum will gradually generate high temperature.This is because the tire valve is close to the middle of the inner side of the tire rim, so that the brake drum will be very close, and the high temperature generated by the brake drum will cause the rubber at the bottom of the valve to expand and deteriorate, and the sealing performance will also be deteriorated.Some vehicles that are often used in mountainous or hilly areas, even if the tires used are industrial tires, agricultural tires and ATV tires, can not use the brakes for a long time, once the tire valve sealing performance is worse, then the chance of puncture will increase.

  There are some overloaded vehicles, the driver will often water the position of the brake drum to cool down, want to cool the tires which is because of the above reasons.However, the risk of doing so is large, because there are many industrial tires, agricultural tires and ATV tires with more or less internal injuries or traumas. Even if watering, there still will be a puncture.Moreover, such an approach will accelerate the aging of industrial tires, agricultural tires and ATV tires, and reduce the life of their use.

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