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Detailed Analysis of the Large and Medium-sized Agricultural Tires

2024·06·28agricultural tire

The large and medium-sized agricultural tires are an important trend in the current agricultural tire industry. The formation of this trend is mainly due to the continuous evolution of the technical standards of agricultural machinery towards large-scale, automation and multi-functionality. The following is a detailed analysis of the large and medium-sized agricultural tires:

1. The promotion of technical standards development: With the continuous advancement of agricultural machinery technology, the further integration of agricultural machinery and agronomy, and the continuous improvement of the convenience, comfort, automation and intelligence level of agricultural machinery, the size and power of agricultural machinery are also increasing. This development trend has a profound impact on agricultural machinery accessories, especially tires, and has promoted the continuous large and medium-sized agricultural tires.

2. Changes in market demand: With the transformation of agricultural production methods and the acceleration of agricultural modernization, large, efficient and intelligent agricultural machinery has gradually become the mainstream of the market. These large agricultural machinery need to be equipped with corresponding tires to support their work. Therefore, the large and medium-sized agricultural tires also reflect the changes in market demand.

3. Improvement of physical and mechanical properties: In order to meet the requirements of large agricultural machinery for tire performance, agricultural tires need to continuously improve their physical and mechanical properties during the design and manufacturing process. For example, the tensile strength, elongation at break, wear and tear of the tread rubber need to be continuously improved to ensure that the tire can withstand greater loads and higher operating speeds.

4. Improvement of the radialization rate: The radialization of agricultural tires is a development trend in the international agricultural machinery industry. At present, the radialization rate of agricultural tires in developed countries is very high. Radial tires have better load-bearing capacity and higher operating stability, and can better meet the requirements of large agricultural machinery for tire performance.

According to industry reports, this trend of large and medium-sized will continue in the next few years. For example, in the "China Agricultural Tire Industry Market Status Survey and Forward-looking Analysis Report", it is mentioned that the application industry of agricultural tires is mainly concentrated in the field of agricultural mechanization, including the matching use of various agricultural machinery equipment such as tractors, harvesters, and seeders. The large-scale trend of these equipment will directly promote the large and medium-sized agricultural tires.

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