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Industrial and Agricultural and ATV Tire Storage should Take Fire Protection Measures!

2022·05·11Industrial and agricultural and ATV tire

  Industrial, agricultural and ATV tires are a very important type of tires that often play an important role in the use of some large trucks. As we all know, in today's logistics transportation, many vehicles use industrial and agricultural and ATV tires, so the market demand for industrial and agricultural and ATV tires is also increasing.

  In view of the increase in the number of industrial and agricultural and ATV tires, when storing industrial and agricultural and ATV tires, it is also necessary to pay attention to corresponding fire protection measures to avoid fires. So what are the general reasons for the risk of fire in industrial, agricultural and ATV tire storage?

  1. Spontaneous combustion. Industrial, agricultural and ATV tires will slowly release combustible gas and generate a lot of heat at the same time. With the recent increase in temperature, if the heat cannot be diffused in time, it may spontaneously ignite and cause a fire.

  2. Improper use of electricity. Illegal power consumption, circuit aging, electrical short circuit, improper operation and other problems are likely to cause fire.

  3. The fire warning measures are not perfect. It is necessary to strictly manage the flammable materials such as industrial and agricultural and ATV tires, install fire monitoring and alarm devices, formulate fire emergency measures, and strengthen prevention.

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