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What are the Ways to Repari the Industrial Agricultural Tire ATV Tire?

2022·12·26Industrial agricultural tire ATV Tire

  Industrial and agricultural tires and atvs were parts of vehicles that came into direct contact with the ground, so it was inevitable that problems would arise when they were worn out over a long period of time. In some cases, it was because some hard metal or stones were punctured, if the break is small, it can be repaired directly, and what are the common repair methods?

  Industrial and agricultural tire and ATV repair methods, the common film, mushroom nails and plastic strips three.

  1. Rubber strip tire repair. The operation is simple, but the phenomenon of air leak is easy to appear in the late, so in the current market, this way is becoming less and less common.

  2. the film patch. The price is cheap; however, it should be noted that the film patch can only prevent air leakage, and will not have the original protective effect on the interior; a long time, was punctured location, or there will be internal steel wire oxidation problem.

  3. mushroom nail repair tire. In industrial and agricultural tire and ATV repair, the mushroom nail is now highly recommended method of tire repair; it can not only fully prevent gas; nail body gel can fully fill the damaged parts, ensure that the interior is not disturbed by damage.

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