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Industrial, Agricultural ATV Tires with Different Patterns, Different Quality?

2023·01·03Industrial agricultural ATV tires

  Among the industrial, agricultural and ATV tires, many people will choose according to the different patterns. They think that the different patterns also reflect the different quality of industrial, agricultural and ATV tires to a large extent. So is this the case?

  For the pattern design of industrial, agricultural and ATV tires, it can generally be divided into three categories, namely, ordinary pattern, off-road pattern, and mixed pattern.

  1. Ordinary pattern is the type of tire used by ordinary cars or station wagons. This type of pattern can meet the use of general road surfaces and has good grip and drainage performance.

  2. Off-road pattern, as the name suggests, is a tire specially prepared for off-road. The pattern groove of this tire is deep and wide, and the grounding area of the pattern block is small, which can obtain a very strong grip on soft or muddy roads. fertility. However, the grip of this tire on paved roads is worse than that of ordinary tires.

  3. The mixed pattern is a kind of tire pattern between the ordinary pattern and the off-road pattern. The all-terrain tires that are very popular in off-road vehicles also belong to the mixed pattern. Tires with this pattern can not only meet the needs of off-road roads, but also ensure a certain degree of comfort on paved roads.

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