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What should you pay attention to Industrial&Agricultural tire and ATV tire in summer?

2021·07·01Industrial&Agricultural tire and ATV tire

  Due to the rising temperature in summer, for the owners of the car, the use of Industrial&Agricultural tire and ATV tire should also carry out certain protection.Pls see following suggestion.

  Check in regularly.Due to the rising temperature in summer,the tread is softer than in winter,which in theory will speed up tire wear.

  Air pressure should be standard.Step one, get a barometer.Step 2: Get up in the morning and take the air pressure before starting the car (check it once a month).Third, see if there is a difference between the measured value and the standard value.

  The tire should be cleaned regularly to prevent the presence of foreign bodies in the grooves of the tire pattern. If the nails and other foreign bodies are found pierced into the tire, do not rush to pull out, and should immediately drive to the professional tire shop for help.

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