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Tyre pattern classification

2019·03·13tire manufactuer

  There are three main types of tyre pattern classification: 1. common pattern; 2. cross-country pattern; 3. mixed pattern. The main purpose of tyre pattern is to increase the friction between tread and road surface to prevent wheel skidding. Ordinary pattern is suitable for use on hard road surface.

  Ordinary patterns are divided into vertical patterns, horizontal patterns and both vertical and horizontal patterns. Cross-country pattern is designed to adapt to dry, wet, rugged mountain roads and muddy, sandy roads. Like pentathlon athletes, this tread tire has several advantages and can be used in various harsh environments and climates. Mixed pattern is a transitional pattern between common pattern and cross-country pattern. It is characterized by narrow pattern grooves with different directions or mainly longitudinal grooves in the middle of tread, and wide pattern grooves with different directions or mainly transverse grooves on both sides. In this way, the composite pattern has good comprehensive performance and strong adaptability.

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