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The function of tyre pattern

2019·03·06tire manufactuer

  The main function of tyre pattern is to increase the friction between tread and road surface, to prevent wheel slippage. Imagine that if the tyre without pattern, the tyre may have "friction pace". The tread pattern is used to improve the ground elasticity of tread. Under the action of tangential force between tread and pavement (such as driving force, braking force and transverse force), the tread pattern can produce greater tangential elastic deformation and enhancing friction.

  If the tread pattern is too deep, both the ground elastic deformation of the tread block and the rolling resistance will be large, but it is not conducive to the heat dissipation of the tire. The root of the tread is easy to tear and fall off because of the severe punishment. The shallow pattern affects its water storage and drainage capacity, and is prone to "water skiing phenomenon". In order to ensure the effectiveness of the pattern effect, all countries in the world have made clear regulations on tire wear limit.

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