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How to protect tires in winter ?

2019·02·21tire manufactuer

  People are always concerning how to protect the tires in cold winter, it is hard to avoid snow weather and icy road driving condition. Especially in areas with low temperatures, car owners often have trouble in driving on icy roads. Snow and ice weather is not only a test of the driver's driving skills, but also a test of the car itself. As the saying goes: a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. If you want to drive normally and safely, of course, the normal function of the tire is indispensable.

  Regardless of tire width or tread depth, driving is the most important. No matter in the ice, snow or non-ice, non-snow road driving, especially in the highway driving, we must pay attention to control the speed, do not accelerate and brake, so as to ensure safety. It can in the cold season to properly protect the tires and effectively reduce wear.

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